Here's what a few of our Clients thought about our services:


If you’re a first time home buyer and want a honest and thorough inspection, then David is who you should call without a doubt. I called David after I purchased what was advertised as a “well-maintained” brick home that turned out to be a money pit. David took several hours and reported defects and deficiencies that the inspector the realtor used did not mention at all. Don’t take a chance on just any inspector. David at Valley Home Inspections is the top of the line and a wonderful person to have on your team for your home buying experience.  Sandra Bearden

"I found the inspection to be thorough and the inspector to be meticulous.  He was extremely knowledgable, and patiently answered all my questions."    Michelle Solomon


"Great job!  Good service, very nice individual.  Trustworthy.  His comments helped me get many small but useful items fixed on my new home before I closed.  Thanks!"     David Debrestian

"Mr Arrington was very knowledgable and thorough during the inspection.  The inspection report was very detailed but at the same time it was easy to understand.  I will definitely recommend this company to anyone needing a home inspection!!!"     Tiffanie Cooper

"We were extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and the quality of the report.  We could have not asked for any better and we got much more than we expected.  The problems that were found could have become major down the road, and this was with a well-known and respected builder.  Thanks!"     David Fisher

"Our inspector was both personable and professional.  The report was thorough and was very valuable in purchasing our new home.  You saved me a lot of money and I thank you!"      Michelle and David Bragg

"Thanks David!  Great job helping us get ready to move into our new home.  Folks like you show us our decision to live in Fayetteville was the right choice.  I'll be happy to refer your services to our friends."       Russ and Lisa Akins

"Great job!  We couldn't have been happier with the inspection.  Thank you!"   Antonia Baker and Gina Bradley

"Service was great!  I will use all David's recommendations on the house.  I will use him in the future if needed and would recommend him highly."    Jimmy Edwards

"This is our first home buying experience.  Your thorough professionalism was very much appreciated.  Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful experience."       Keri and Josh Vogle

"I had an inspection by another home inspector 1 1/2 years ago that I was very pleased with --- informative, thorough and easy to understand.  This one is even better!! The report is extensive and tells me not just what was observed, but why it is problematic and how to fix/address it.  Plus, David was superb to deal with!  A+++!  Thanks!"              Jason Smith

"David conducted the most thorough inspection I have ever seen."    Ken Roberts

"I spoke to many home inspectors before I called Valley Home Inspections.  When I spoke with David on the phone he actually took the time to talk to me and explain the process.  This is why we chose Valley Home Inspections.  During the inspection David made sure that we understood everything and was very thorough and patient as this was our first time buying a new home."      Chris and Tabitha Clem

"My uncle is a long time residential home appraiser.  I shared your inspection report with him prior to closing on the house.  In his words, it was 'the best home inspection report he'd ever seen.'  Furthermore, the seller said he would use Valley Home Inspections in the future, as he flips and sells homes for a hobby, and was impressed with the thoroughness and clarity of the report.  As a first-time buyer, I found the report clear, timely, and your customer service excellent!  David,many thanks!  You helped make my first home purchase pleasant!"                Chris Lowdell

"Mr Arrington was very knowledgable and professional.  He was very detailed and took time to answer my questions.  Personally, he was very friendly as well.  I would definitely recommend Valley Home Inspections to anyone wanting an inspection done right!"   Michael Zoladz

"David Arrington was very honest to me on all information that has come from our inspection and gained my respect in doing so.  His business will get referred if ever a situation arises for his service, to others and for myself."   Jim Hatfield

"David did an awesome job!  If we move again, we will have him inspect our house!   THANKS!!!"          Paul and Mary Presson

"David was great!!  By far the best 'home inspection experience' we ever had.  One of my friends is a realtor, and I recommended she give David a try.  We were shocked and amazed at how great David did, and the report --- WOW!!  Absolutely fantastic!!!"            Michael and Rebecca Rains

"Exceptional service with professionalism seldom seen in today's business culture.  The inspection was excellent.  We will certainly refer Mr. Arrington to our friends and neighbors."        Heidi and Steve Noon

"David, thanks for the thorough inspection and the detailed inspection report.  The in-depth description of the problem areas and the pictures have made it easier to discuss with the repairmen.  Thanks also for showing me how to operate the fireplace and the locations of the circuit breakers and cut-off valves.  I have provided your name to two people and will be glad to make further referrals in the future."       Beverly Ashford

"Mr. Arrington's thoroughness reflected his professionalism --- in his report, promptness and his willingness to work within our time schedule."   Bill and Paulette Williams

"David did a very impressive job.  He was patient in answering our multitude of questions.  I feel very knowledgable of my new home through his explanations.  Thanks!"     Kathy Heeney

"Thank you for your help.  We plan to use you again in the future and will recommend you to our friends."    David and Jana Roy

"Mr. Arrington was very courteous and professional.  This part of the home-buying process was very pleasant, thanks to his knowledge and amiable demeanor.  Thanks for an easy inspection process."                 Connie and Randall Hajjar

"David was very professional and easy to talk to.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection.  Thank you, David."                                     Sharon and Scott Honea

Very thorough.  Spent a lot of time at the home and then more on a very informative report.          Dan and Ruth Teige

"Very professional service with great attention to details --- incredibly thorough and fast.  I will definitely refer services to others and try to utilize services in the future."               Golden Czermak

"David was very pleasant to talk with.  He answered all my questions and gave me valuable info.  This was very important to me seeing that this is my 1st home purchase.  I would recommend him to anyone.  Thanks again!!"            Kim Bunch

"Thank you very much for making the process easy for a long distance buyer."                  Wendy  Hinson

Very professional and friendly service.  Thanks.        Chris Johnson

"David was highly recommended by a realtor friend.  I never even got to meet him in person, but the home owner was so pleased with him that he took all his info for future use and recommendations.  I'll use the report as I make continual improvements on the home.  Thanks."          Heather Dilworth

"I would refer Mr. Arrington to anyone that needs a home inspection.  He is excellent and professional in what he does."    Lynn Ragsdale

"Excellent service!  Thank you so much!!      Donna and David Dunson

"Mr. David Arrington clearly understands purposes, objectives, practices and procedures of the home inspection.  Thank you.        Betty Levesque